Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Teams - Class Notebook in Teams

I've been using Teams for this year for all my classes. I thought I'd start my 'blog' life with a post about some of the cool things I've discovered while using this app for class (and in class).

I'm pretty new to this blogging thing so I will try and work out what to do, by doing!

I was arranging my Team into channels for the assessments we are doing this year in Year 11 Coding & Digital Technology, as I decided that I wanted to run my Team that way.

Still trying to work out the best system for this, but this way is working for me at present.

In creating my Class Notebook through Teams as I did at the start of this year, I can then open the notebook into OneNote (Win 10 app - as I am now using that exclusively) and use that to run my class, and Teams to keep it all in one place.

For now, General channel will remain General and I just have to get used to that. Maybe in the future Microsoft will allow us to change this to something else?

I was lucky enough to attend the recent Aussie MIE-E gathering in Sydney and Patrick pulled a cool quote out of the bag for his #MSFTEDU photo...

Teams really does pull everything together for your classes, but it is still really important to set things up properly otherwise you will be doubling-up or sometimes tripling what you do and the places you are putting things.

So, to continue with my Year 11 Team, I am now using the tab above for my General channel. The Files tab, the Class Notebook (which I use in OneNote as I have done for years), the Assignments (awesome) and I have made a Stream that only this Team has access to. Also the Conversations is now proving to be quite useful for the students to collaborate and answer questions posed to the class.

So the big discovery for me this week was that every channel I make for the Team is very cleverly inserted into the Collaboration space in our Class Notebook - mind blown. I was not aware it did this but this is great!

As you can see in the image, the channels have all now got a notes section and these are created in the notebook.

That's all from me about this, until next chance to 'blog'.

Quick edit - it is really important to name things well, the first time around, as it saves many issues later when you try to use these features.

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